Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for your "official" CMM assessment?
Do you know how questions the auditors will ask?
Do you know what documents they will want?

The Readiness Assessment was designed to help your organization prepare for a CMM assessment. We use our experience to pinpoint the things you can do to greatly improve your assessment score.

We will work with you to:
  • Train your staff on how to prepare for the assessment;
  • Assist you in preparing a "killer" Process Assets Library (PAL);
  • Review your documents for the "essential" parts assessors look for;
  • Coach your staff through practice interviews;
  • Find and fix your CMM weaknesses.
  • The Readiness Assessment typically takes two to three days. The assessment and training is custom-fit to your organization, addressing the specific areas you are worried about, or helping you pinpoint areas of concern.

    A few quotes...

    From a Senior Executive: "Dr. Hefner's insight into the assessment process is extremely valuable. This assessment eliminated the uncertainties. We now know what to fix and how to fix it."

    From a Manager: "Thank you so much for helping us. We just completed our official assessment, and we passed with flying colors! The assessment team asked the same questions you did in our practice interviews, and our people were ready for them."

    From an Assessment Team Leader (after an assessment): "We're very impressed with the professionalism of your Process Assets Library. Everything we needed was there, and so clearly laid out. It's clear you were ready for this audit."

    Assessment Leader

    Rick Hefner has been formally qualified by the Software Engineering Institute, and has conducted over 40 assessments. Dr. Hefner is a nationally recognized expert, and has trained and led numerous government and industry assessment teams.