CBA IPI Assessment

The CBA-IPI Assessment is the authorized way to obtain a maturity level rating. CBA-IPI stands for "CMM-Based Assessment for Internal Process Improvement". The CBA-IPI method was developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute). Only SEI-authorized Lead Assessors are allowed to conduct CBA-IPI assessments, and to issue ratings for them.

We implement the official CBA-IPI process:
  • Defining the assessment goals;
  • Tailoring the assessment to fit your constraints;
  • Selecting projects to participate;
  • Distributing the official maturity questionnaire;
  • Training and qualifying the assessment team;
  • On-site document review and preparation;
  • Opening briefing explaining the CBA-IPI process;
  • Interviews with key managers and practitioners;
  • Preliminary findings, where you get a change to address potential weaknesses;
  • Findings briefing - maturity rating, strengths and weaknesses, and recommended improvement actions.
  • CBA-IPI assessments are designed for organizations who are ready for a full, authorized verification of their maturity level. Other assessments are more appropriate for a quick-look or to assess readiness for a full assessment.

    We are authorized to mentor and train people who desire to become authorized Lead Assessors. We can assist you in satsifying the requirements as quickly as possible, and at the lowest cost.

    Assessment Leader

    Rick Hefner is a SEI-authorized CBA-IPI Lead Assessor, and has conducted over 40 assessments. Dr. Hefner is a nationally recognized expert, and has led numerous government and industry assessment teams.